Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness

L3 qualified pregnancy fitness instructor with a personal experience of training safely throughout each trimester of pregnancy. I can set you up for success to move strongly in a pain free way, helping to get you ready for labour and your new life as a mum.


Pregnancy Fitness

The classes focus on full body fitness and building a strong pelvic floor, they are designed for you to go at your own pace. Each class is adapted with safe and suitable exercises to suit every stage of pregnancy.

The classes take place at 7pm Tuesday evening, once you sign up you will be sent a link to the class with any instructions of equipment you might need.


Mum & Baby Full Body Fit & Core Repair, Online Classes

L3 Postnatal Fitness Instructor, as a new mum I offer an empathetic approach to training my clients. I take into account what pregnancy you had, what type of birth and how your body is recovering.

The classes focus on repairing the core and pelvic floor with full body strength, conditioning and stretching.

Postnatal Training

The classes are hosted on zoom 2x mornings a week, so I can see you, give feedback and motivation which makes the whole session more personalised.

All workouts are designed with a recovery/rehab mindset, to help you recover from childbirth and to help you to get strong again from the inside out. The workouts are scalable so you can go at your own pace, once you demonstrate sufficient control with bodyweight you can start to add load which, week by week you will keep progressing to get fitter and stronger.

The class is relaxed so babies are very welcome if your baby needs you, that's no problem the classes are made for you to feel comfortable and to help you get your pre-baby fitness back in a safe way.